Designer tents for kids, making their first huge push into the U.S. market


Figure out if the product is attractive to US consumers or vendors

My Solution

Design and build an online website that tracks activity and yields insight

  • Final Product - An energetic showcase design for a unique kids category, kids play tents.
  • Final Product - Design was to feel fun and clear. Lifestyle would be family-based and designer.
  • Business Challenge - Product-centric structure that could show off over 25 tent designs easily.
  • UI Design - Over 5 different UI eco systems were explored before selecting our final.
  • While not a full e-com experience, the pattern for browsing would feel familiar to vendors or individual buyers.
  • A dedicated product series view was made for all lines created.
  • Branding - The concept of "Tentsy Loves Kids" drives how the brand addresses its audience.